Tree following 5: spring green veil

Bijdrage voor een Engelstalige site, van bomen-volgers. Het idee erachter is om 12 maanden lang 1 boom te volgen. Wij hebben de grote wilg in de achtertuin gekozen.

Early april, some nights close to zero degrees, at sunny days 15 degrees (centigrade). The spring bulbs are flowering in abundance, but the trees….. Most trees are still bare, at first glance. 

But if you look closer, the buds are fattening. And suddenly our willow has a spring-green veil, a shimmering green hue. The transparancy of the bare crown slowly diminishes. Soon the bees will have a big party, with all the nectar in the catkin flowers.

A touch of green
trunk willow
The trunk

The ditch is at the edge of our garden. This left bank of the ditch is ours, the right bank from the people in the apartment building. Each year in november I clean ‘our side’. Often, during the cause of the year branches fall from the willow, blocking the water stream. Most of the year there is no water in the ditch, only in winter and early spring. 

tree following 1
tree following 2
tree following 3
tree following 4

2 thoughts on “Tree following 5: spring green veil”

  1. Definitely signs of life!
    I love the colour of the yellow-green catkin buds in contrast to the orange roof of the building.
    And I see you have beautiful lesser celandine on the bank…
    All the best 🙂

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