Tree following 8: Different shades of green

Bijdrage voor een Engelstalige site, van bomen-volgers. Het idee erachter is om 12 maanden lang 1 boom te volgen. Wij hebben de grote wilg in de achtertuin gekozen.

The willow has spent the last few months just being there. No big changes. The woodpeckers nest is empty again. Often we hear the sounds of other birds, the magpie’s shouting and the boomklever hammering and beeping. The green is stil greying green, but any time now the colour will turn to yellow. Already with strong gusts of wind, just before a late summer thunderstorm, the first leaves are flying.

So many shades of green in a garden, and changing over the season.
These pictures are from september 3rd. Of course you can spot the willow!






tree following 1
tree following 2
tree following 3
tree following 4
tree following 5
tree following 6
tree following 7

2 thoughts on “Tree following 8: Different shades of green”

  1. What a lovely idea, to compare the different greens!
    And I have learned a lovely Dutch word – I see a boomklever is (I think) what we call a Nuthatch (Sitta europaea). Although until you mentioned it I hadn’t realised it beeped! I have just listened to the call online and now understand what’s making that familiar sound.
    Thanks for all that 🙂

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